Python for ARM7?

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Ken Seehart <pythonic at> wrote:
> 2. What do I do with ipk files?  I surfed around and found that in one 
> example, the command is "ipkg install foo.ipk", but ipkg doesn't seem to 
> exist on my hardware.

ipk files are basically in two flavours, one of them is a plain tar.gz
file, use tar xvzj to upnack it
the second is an ar archive, use ar x to unpack it
(you mentioned cygwin - assuming you are working under MS windows,
either use the cygwin commands, or try to open the ipk with winzip or
something similar)

once unpacked, you find data.tar.gz inside containing all the necessary
binary files, and control.tar.gz containing some information and
installation scripts (in most cases, you can ignore them)

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