Python 2.4 under WinXP, free VC71 toolkit and VC6 libraries

F. Petitjean littlejohn.75 at
Tue Sep 27 19:51:01 CEST 2005

Le Tue, 27 Sep 2005 17:48:47 +0200, Berthold Höllmann a écrit :
> I have wrapped some inhouse libraries for Python.
How ? Directly coding C code ?
> The development team
> uses VC6 and DF6.1 for development of these libraries under WinXP.
DF6.1 is Digital FORTRAN 6.1 ?
> I
> would like to wrap the libraries for Python and use the official Win
> Python from Now I get a segmentation fault in (access
> violation in NTDLL.DLL). The code used to work on Python 2.3, so I
> am afraid I have a plroblem in mixing the code generated by different
> VC versions. Is this the probable cause of my problem, or should the
> combination work in general (some libraries seem to work). 
> Kind regards
> Berthold
A possible solution would be to write any VC6 and DF6.1 code to generate
some DLLs (black boxes) and to use these DLLs from Python by using
ctypes, to build your applications. All the CPU intensive code should be
in DLLs and the high level stuff (GUI, presentation, application logic,
...) could be in python. (GUI with wnd or venster for example).


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