helpviewer and a wxpython application crash

klaus.roedel at klaus.roedel at
Wed Sep 28 08:58:46 CEST 2005

Hi @all,

I've implement a python application with boa constructor and wx.python.
Now I wanted to add a help to my application. I found the helpviewer,
where it is very easy to open a helpbook. So I've create an helpbook
with boa constructor and then I open the book with the helpviewer.
That's all no problem. It works fine, but when I open the helpbook in
my application, I have a problem when I exit it. There MS Windows Error
Report dialog box is open, this means my application crashes, when I
close it. If I don't open the helpbook in my application, it shutdown
Why did it crash, when I open the helpbook in it?
I'm using python v2.4.1, wx.python v2.6.1.0 and boa constructor v0.4.4
on windows XP.
thanks for any help.

greets Klaus

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