Python:C++ interfacing. Tool selection recommendations

float_dublin float_dublin at
Fri Sep 16 18:13:27 CEST 2005

Neal Becker wrote:
> adsheehan at wrote:
>>I am embedding Python with a C++ app and need to provide the Python
>>world with access to objects & data with the C++ world.
>>I am aware or SWIG, BOOST, SIP. Are there more?
>>I welcome comments of the pros/cons of each and recommendations on when
>>it appropriate to select one over the others.
> boost::python is alien technology.  It is amazingly powerful.  Once you
> learn how to use it it's wonderful, but unless you are comfortable with
> modern c++ you may find the learning curve steep.
Note: there is excelent Pyste python prog  inside that autogenerates 
boost::python code for you from special describtion files (where you can 
actualy write AllFromHeader("xxx.h")) and your header files.
Boost::python is the best solution, but the compile time of wrappers.


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