Python compiled?

Kartic removethis.kartic.krishnamurthy at
Mon Sep 5 21:00:39 CEST 2005

> One of the greatest problem that may discourage a new user to choose Python 
> language is it's interpreted nature.

Strange.. this is one reason I love Python :-)

> Another important problem is that no interpreter is installed on Windows 
> machine by default and this makes harder to distribute the software.
> Does it is planned that, in a far future, Python will implement a form of 
> compilation?
> This would be awesome. 

py2exe ( and pyinstaller 
( compile python programs 
into .exe files that can be executed on any Win32 machine.

So you can develop the code using the python interpreter and deploy it 
using either of these. I have used py2exe and nsis installer to create 
setup versions of my applications and it deployment is really smooth, 
just like any compiled software.


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