Video display, frame rate 640x480 @ 30fps achievable?

Guenter dannoritzer at
Fri Sep 9 14:14:50 CEST 2005

Peter Hansen schrieb:
> Maybe it would be a good idea to tell us something about the nature of
> the image you'll be displaying (though the fact that it needs a
> cross-hair or something is useful information, for a start).  For
> example, is it a photographic image?  A map?  A drawing?  Is it
> generated dynamically, or is it static?  Do you pan over it, or zoom it,
> or what?
> -Peter

It is a video image coming from a camera over a frame grabber board.
The video from the frame grabber is passed to another board that
performs some processing and when it comes back from that board it
needs to be displayed. The joystick allows to specify some regions of
interest in the image, but any zooming is done by the chip on that
second board. So the application needs only to take the image it gets
from that second board, displays it, handle the joystick input and does
some book keeping of where it is with the joystick position and zoom

It also needs to initiate the frame grabber and the second processing
board, but that should be simple by having some python extensions to
the respective software api provided with the boards. As the data
transfers between the boards are DMA based it should not put any
constrain on the application.


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