Pythonwin crashes

Steve Holden steve at
Thu Sep 29 04:28:06 CEST 2005

Lucas Raab wrote:
> accolades wrote:
>>Does anyone else have a problem with Pythonwin crashing after running a
>>python script with graphics libraries? Whenever I use Pythonwin to run
>>a PyGame or PyOgre script, Pythonwin crashes when the script exits.
>>I know it's probably because the Pythonwin interpreter can't read from
>>the console once the graphics mode has been changed, but has anyone
>>discovered a workaround? I'd like to know if this problem is specific
>>to my machine, or if others have witnessed this.
> I think it's pretty much universal. Pythonwin crashes when you run 
> programs with Tk in them.

The problem is that PythonWin uses MFC-based windowing, and runs 
programs as a part of the same process that the IDE itself runs in.

This means that there are conflicting requirements for windowing, and 
this can lead to PythonWin getting confused enough to crash and die.

To avoid this you need a development system that uses a remote debugging 
technique - WingIDE, for example, can successfully debug programs based 
on Tkinter, wxPython and other graphical toolkits, because the programs 
it runs are run as separate processes.

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