SpamBayes wins PCW Editors Choice Award for anti-spam software.

Paul Boddie paul at
Thu Sep 1 00:33:39 CEST 2005

Alan Kennedy wrote:
> I personally put great store in the fact that PCW awarded the Editors
> Choice award to SpamBayes, because it's based on actually *using* the
> software, rather than doing a simple feature comparison.

We can be thankful for that, at least. And you're right about SpamBayes
being a great opportunity for Python developers and the community.

> I didn't notice any complaints when PCW ran a story this time last year
> about Michael Sparks, python and python's use in the BBC's future
> distribution plans for digital TV.

Well, I didn't even notice the story! ;-) But then, my exposure to such
newsstand magazines has diminished substantially over the past ten


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