Best Encryption for Python Client/Server

Robert Kern rkern at
Tue Sep 20 04:38:47 CEST 2005

Ed Hotchkiss wrote:
> I apologize for misreading your H my dear professor. Perhaps you can
> google:asshole and see if your image is present, I would highly doubt
> that it is not within the first page of results.
> I'm sorry that I did not see the message in the thread which recommended
> SSH rather than SSL. There is no need to be a dick.

It was the message you responded to. I only emphasized the H because it
seemed that you read the message and missed that James wasn't talking
about SSL.

The suggestion to look at Google first was intended to be helpful rather
than a rebuke. That's why I actually answered the part of the question
that I thought wouldn't be easy find with Google. It's reasonably
standard to expect people to try to find information (particularly
off-topic information) for themselves before coming to the group for
help. It's a lot more efficient for you and gets you a much more
thorough answer.

I apologize for appearing to be a dick. If I wanted to be a dick, I'd
have just sent you to and not answered
any part of your question.

> - Luckily you were never my professor

Indeed. As I am a grad student, that would have been most embarassing.

And I do *not* recommend Googling "asshole" without SafeSearch on. *shudder*

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