HELP!! Accessing other machines with an IIS CGI script

Roger Upole rupole at
Wed Sep 14 22:12:32 CEST 2005

Without knowing what operation fails, it's kind of
difficult to give any meaningful answers.
At what point in the code do you get the error ?

If IIS runs under a local account, it might not have
permission to access the other machine, or to impersonate
a domain user.

You might want to set up auditing on the
folder you're trying to list, and see exactly what user
IIS is connecting as (or if it's connecting at all).


"paulp" <paul.pigott at> wrote in message news:1126719318.537588.107060 at
> Greetings,
> I'm working on a CGI program that will run under MS IIS 5.0 and will
> browse folders on three other machines, building HTML pages that will
> provide links to these folders.
> Essentially, the CGI will connect to each machine in turn, doing the
> FindFirst/FindNext process based on the current criteria.  It will
> select certain files/folders, and build an HTML page as it goes.
> The premise is fine.  If I run the program from the command line, it
> seems to work fine and I get my HTML code out.  I can copy the code
> into a separate file, open it in the browser, and all appears right
> with the world.
> However, when I try to run the CGI from the browser itself, I get all
> kinds of problems.  The first one I got was a 1312, "A specified logon
> session does not exist.  It may have already been terminated."  After
> doing some searching, I began to investigate impersonation of a logged
> on user.  This produces a different error: 1314, "A required privilege
> is not held by the client."
> I've been arguing with this now for several days and the frustration
> level is beginning to get quite high.  Has anyone else ever tried this?
> I find it hard to believe that I'm the first to do this.
> Of course, one of my problems is that I'm neither an IIS guru nor an
> Admin guru.  And we have neither here in the office.
> I'm coding this in Python 2.4 and the Windows extensions.  I have a
> number of other CGI programs in Python running under IIS that work
> correctly, but those only do database accesses.  This one I'm trying to
> put together is the first one to actually do file searches.
> I have set the privileges for the logged on account on my IIS box for
> rebooted.  To no avail.  I'm not sure if there are additional
> alterations that need to be done to the security policies or not.
> Again, I'm not a guru.
> If anyone can give me more information/guidance I would greatly
> appreciate it.  If you need more information from me, I will do my best
> to provide it.
> TIA,
> Paul

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