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Magnus Lycka lycka at
Wed Sep 28 11:14:27 CEST 2005

Kanthi Kiran Narisetti wrote:
> I am new to programming and python. In my quest to get good at
> programming, even when I am able to get through the python tutorials I
> feel for lack of exercises & examples that emphasises the programming
> logic skills. The examples are just introduction to particular
> definition of the concepts.
> I would appreciate if any one provide me the resources to find such
> exercise(irrespective of Programming language) , working on which would
> help to build to skills in programming for problem solving which is
> more critical.

Bentley's book "Programming Pearls" might be good. I've found it
rewarding to implement the things he describes in Python. It's
rather focused on achieving performance efficient solutions though,
and IIRC, it completely ignores object oriented programming. (The
first edition was written 20 years ago.) Still very good though.

The Python Cookbook 2nd ed, is a great resource of Python code
examples. It's based on a web resource, but the book is still well
worth the money.

You could also take a look at

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