replacments for stdio?

Martin Miller ggrp1.20.martineau at
Sun Sep 25 19:49:48 CEST 2005

Here's a suggestion for you:
Check out the thread titled "Catching stderr output from
graphical apps" at

I strongly suspect that the code discussed could probably be adapted to
handle sys.stdout instead of, or in addition to, output to sys.stderr.

It also sounds like it can be made platform independent.


P.S. Please post your results back to the newsgroup -- thanks!

Ido.Yehi... at wrote:
> hi,
>    i was wondering if anyone have written a GUI module that can
> function as a replacment for stdin/stdout? ie. has a file like
> interface, by which one could just assaign it to sys.stdout or
> sys.stdin and have all your prints and raw_inputs and other such things
> shown in a GUI window?
> Thanks in advance,
> Ido Yehieli.

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