Noobie Starting New Project

megafrenzy at megafrenzy at
Thu Sep 22 03:57:24 CEST 2005

I've have an idea for a personal project. I want to access my car's
OBD-II port via serial to query engine paramters and represent them on
my PC monitor. The various methods to represent them would be any of
the following: analog gauge (speedometer), digital readout, and X Y
Plots/Charts (HP vs RPM, timing advance vs time, etc) - all on the same
screen. Its probably been done before, but I have a Subaru, which
allows me to use Subaru Select Monitor Protocol, which is faster (and
easier to implement) than OBD-II. I also have a small 7" Widescreen VGA
LCD in my dash, so I need to make sure everything is visable on a small
screen and "unsqueeze" the image.

I hope to keep developing the project to do a "virtual dyno", taking
physical estimates of the car to calculate HP, torque as well as
logging data to a text file, and other ideas like possibly
incorporating GPS thru another serial port and maybe even some
accelerometers (for Tilt and g's)

I did find software that kinda does some of what I want, but its a case
of "if you want it done right..."

I've started using python 2 weeks ago to generate a "command line" file
parsing program to allow me to take memory data from my excel file
(saved as text) and generate FORTH commands for my ISOPOD (embedded

I realy like the python language and all the modules that are
available, but before I start, I just wanted to get some advice on
which modules I should be using for the GUI and making charts, or if
anyone has any examples that might help me along.

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