Manging multiple Python installation

Andy Leszczynski
Thu Sep 8 04:28:23 CEST 2005

Robert Kern wrote:
> Andy Leszczynski wrote:
>>Jeremy Jones wrote:
>>>Andy Leszczynski wrote:
>>>Download the source, untar, cd to the new directory, run:
>>>./configure --prefix=/opt/mypython
>>>make install
>>Is there any way to pass the prefix to the "make install"?
> Is passing it to the configure script a problem?

not really but seems to be a bit illogical to me that the build (set of 
executables and libraries) depends on the destination installation path.

Under M$ Windows I was able to install Python in let's say C:\Program 
Files\python and then move/copy it frelly to whatever location I need. 
Only thing was the resetting PATH to the new location. I miss that under 


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