calling command line programs?

Grant Edwards grante at
Sat Sep 10 23:31:34 CEST 2005

On 2005-09-11, Yevgeniy (Eugene) Medynskiy <ym66 at> wrote:

> This is probably a very newbie question, but after searching
> google and docs @ I can't find an answer, so maybe
> someone would be able to help?
> I'd like to call command-line functions from my python script
> (like you would in perl using backticks)... Is there a way of
> doing this? And if so, how does the environment get treated (I
> have some variables in my env that the programs I'd be calling
> need to see).

Take a look at os.popen, os.spawn, or the popen2, and
subprocess modules.

That last one seems to be gaining popularity.

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