mailing from with python

Tim Williams (gmail) tdwdotnet at
Tue Sep 20 19:30:13 CEST 2005

On 20/09/05, M.N.A.Smadi <smadim2 at> wrote:
> hi;
> if i want to send a mail message using the "mail" client on a machine
> that has smtp protocol is there an easy way (i.e. like bash where you
> would just type mail -s SUBJECT message RECIPIENT) to do it from a
> python script?

Any mail client using SMTP will be outbound only,  you wouldn't be
able to send mail "through" the client using SMTP.

>From a post earlier today :)

s = smtplib.SMTP("server")
s.sendmail(fromaddress, toaddresess, msg)

You can send email directly to your local server (or direct to the
recipeint server) directly from your python "script"

HTH :)

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