Video display, frame rate 640x480 @ 30fps achievable?

Guenter dannoritzer at
Fri Sep 9 00:56:31 CEST 2005

Fredrik Lundh schrieb:

> getting the data into the "blittable" object fast enough may be more
> of a problem, though.  I don't know how good wxPython is in that
> respect; Tkinter's PhotoImage is probably not fast enough for video,
> but a more lightweight object like PIL's ImageWin.Dib works just
> fine (I just wrote a test script that reached ~200 FPS at 1400x900,
> but my machine is indeed a bit faster than a 1 GHz Celeron).
> </F>

I would be interested in how many frames this reaches on my computer.
Did you create like two arbitrary images under PLI and then display
them one after another? Then stop the time and count how many times you
were able to switch between the two?

One feature I need to figure out when using PLI is that I need to move
a cursor over the image, controlled by a joystick. But I could add that
with the drawing feature when creating the image.

Now is there a feature that would allow me to map data from a memory
into an image? I saw there is a function called Image.frombuffer(). If
I understand that right the buffer is a python data type. If I get that
data type to represent a specific memory where I can dma the data to I
should be able to display them pretty fast?


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