use staticBitmap to show image with raw data?

James Hu jhu at
Wed Sep 28 23:59:10 CEST 2005



We have a HAMAMATSU camera, and we want to display the real-time image
(captured every 0.2s+) on the screen. The captured image from camera is
raw data, If saved to PNG file via Image (PIL), and open with
wx.Image("*.png"), the image can be shown on the wx.staticBitmap area.

However, the problem is the speed, the capturing takes some time(nothing
we can do),  the saving takes more time, the total speed is not
acceptable completely.


There must be a way to show the raw image on screen directly without
saving to file, any idea would be appreciated!


I tried:


using raw data from Image (Image.fromstring('I', datasize, newbuftemp,
'raw', 'I;16')), then convert it to wx.Image by using PILToWX, which
downloaded from internet, all pixels are 255!







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