improvements for the logging package

Rotem vmalloc at
Mon Sep 5 17:47:26 CEST 2005


while working on something in my current project I have made several
improvements to the logging package in Python, two of them are worth
1. addition of a logging record field %(function)s, which results in
the name
of the entity which logged the record. My version even deduces the
class name in the case which the logger is a bound method, and assuming
the name of the "self" variable is indeed "self".

This ability can be turned off, for performance reasons, and is useful
for debugging phases.

2. log coloring formatter (useful for console output) - support for log
lines like BLUE<<text>>, etc.

Now, I asked several friends of mine who program in Python often, and
they told me they could use these features very much.

I'm taking a risk here, that maybe someone already proposed this in
this group, but I'll ask either way:
Has anyone thought of posting a PEP about this? Do you think I should?

I have made a great use of the logging package, and would certainly
like to see it evolve and include more features.

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