Best Encryption for Python Client/Server

Robert Kern rkern at
Tue Sep 20 02:32:03 CEST 2005

Ed Hotchkiss wrote:
> Is SSL something which needs a script to register (and pay for) a
> certificate, or is it just another form of encryption ... also - is
> there a free implementation of OpenSSL for windows, and is openSSL a
> default application with *NIX?
> Thanks.

It's SS*H*, and you're perfectly capable of using Google to find out
most of this information once you get the spelling right. As for the
last question (the one least amenable to direct Googling), any
reasonably maintained UNIX machine today will be running SSH. It's
really the only thing out there for secure remote logins.

When you've done the requisite background reading and have a Python
question to ask again, then come back and ask more targetted questions.

> On 9/19/05, *James Stroud* <jstroud at
> <mailto:jstroud at>> wrote:
>     SSH can be used for functionality like this, through tunneling. You
>     can even
>     tunnel interprocess communication through SSH. Its not exceptionally
>     complicated.

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