OpenSource documentation problems

Steve Holden steve at
Fri Sep 2 04:55:16 CEST 2005

Fredrik Lundh wrote:
> Rocco Moretti wrote:
>>Something a simple as allowing doc bugs to be submitted from a webform
>>w/o login would reduce the barrier to contribute. - Increasing the size
>>of the "About" text wouldn't hurt either. (To be honest, I've never
>>noticed that text before, and it never occurred to me look at the
>>"About" page for information on error reports.)
> the useredit approach I'm using over at the librarybook site works
> pretty well.  for example, if you go to
> and click "suggest changes" at the bottom, you can edit the page
> source, preview the changes, and generate a patch when you're
> done, all without signing up or logging in.
> (unfortunately, Python's documentation is written in LaTeX, using
> a rather advanced tool chain to get from sources to HTML, so the
> librarybook approach won't really work "out of the box")
That's true, but (as I mentioned a few minutes ago in another post) the 
docs team will happily accept plain text of that's all the contributor 
can provide. It's *that* fact that needs to become more obvious.

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