Zope3 Examples?

Jean-François Doyon jfdoyon at methane.ca
Fri Sep 30 05:13:28 CEST 2005


Zope 3 is mature as a framework, but does not provide much "out of the 
box".  It's a basis upon which to build applications like Plone ... If 
you are looking for something that provides Plone-like features on top 
of Zope 3, it doesn't exist (yet).

Personally, I'm waiting for this: http://www.z3lab.org/
But it'll be a while yet!

Zope 3 is brilliant, but complex, and quite the departure from Zope 2, 
so it'll take a while for the take up to occur.

What might work better for you is to use Zope 2 + the CMF, without 
Plone.  Plone can be fairly heavy and rigid, the CMF alone might give 
you the tools you need.  I use Zope 2 with success and good performance 
on a hig traffic website, I wouldn't discount it just because of your 
first impression ... There are many tweaks available that will 
considerably improve performance for production systems.


Markus Wankus wrote:
> Hi All,
> Does anyone know of any good Zope3 examples?  I'm new to Zope and I just 
> want to start with a simple website, and later move on to a more complex 
> site with interactive calendar, obligatory 
> blog/wiki/buzzword-of-the-day-thingy, etc.
> I started by installing Zope2 and Plone but it was very slow, and quite 
> frankly I didn't want to end up looking like "another Plone site".  I 
> did a bunch of surfing and found some suggestions along the lines that 
> Zope3 was basically ready for primetime, and would combine the best of 
> Plone and Zope2.. and be faster.  So, naturally, I removed Zope2 and 
> Plone and quickly installed Zope3!  ;o)  Well, it is definitely faster. 
>  The problem is, it doesn't look like there are any applications (if I 
> may use that term) for it yet.
> I'm starting in on the docs now, and I'll probably break down and pay 
> through the nose for the book, but I was just wondering if I perhaps 
> made a bad choice and should go back to Zope2/Plone - or will it all be 
> worth the effort?
> I found the very cool SchoolBell project, and I hope to delve into the 
> source for that as a learning experience, but I must admit I was hoping 
> for a more Plone-type experience with Zope3 out of the box.  It looks to 
> me like that sort of thing just isn't there yet.  That's fine if that's 
> the case - I can wait (I have a lot of reading and learning to do anyway).
> I guess I'm just wondering if there are any other resources out there I 
> haven't found in my Googling yet.  I also found this nice-looking TODO 
> sample (which looks like the best place to start, frankly) which I plan 
> on using as a starting point as well 
> (http://toulouse.amber.org/archives/simple_todo_application/index.html).
> Thanks,
> Markus

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