Python compiled?

Terry Hancock hancock at
Wed Sep 7 15:40:28 CEST 2005

On Tuesday 06 September 2005 11:32 am, Jorgen Grahn wrote:
> I hope people are less hesitant to install "interpreted" applications today
> than they were ten years ago.
> I also believe it's better to convince the end user to install Python before
> installing the application[1], rather than to try to sneak in an interpreter
> with py2exe or something -- an interpreter which the end user cannot update,
> manage or use for other things.

I have to confess to be very ignorant about the Windows installation options
for Python packages, but surely in principle at least, it should be possible
to make self-installing .EXE files that do what I get from

apt-get install python-mypackage

or at least

dpkg --install mypackage

That is to say, which install an interpreter if one isn't already there, and
then install the package. Or, upon finding an interpreter install into it
along the lines of distutils.

I mean, with the whole AUTOEXEC.BAT start up a CD and run whatever
evil code we find there as soon as we stick it into our unwisely 
promiscuous machine, it ought to make it possible for the installation
to be completely transparent to the user.

You know, after writing that, I'm starting to rethink what people
mean when they say Windows is "easy".  ;-)


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