PyGTK or wXPython?

TPJ tprimke at
Tue Sep 13 16:01:57 CEST 2005

> Beside this, wxPython (and wxWidgets) is often told to be more complete,
> better documented and better supported than GTK/PyGTK.

Is wxPython often told to be more documented? By who?

Several months ago I wanted to choose a nice GUI for Python (Tkinter
was out of question). I choosed PyGTK for one reason - it was much,
much better documented than wxPython.

I have tried to write programs using wxPython and I have always ended
looking for some details in wxPython's docs for hours. I think that
wxPython has more widgets (and therefore one can say it's more
complete) - but it's an advantage only when these extra widgets are
needed. It has also another advantage over PyGTK - the native look and
feel. Write a program in wxPython and it will look natively on the
system it will be run. But the documentation of wxPython is just ugly
in comparison to the documentation of PyGTK. (Well - it was so in June
this year.)

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