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> Can anyone recommend a good book for intermediate up to expert level?
> I'm an experienced C programmer and I learnt Python from the "Learning
> Python" O'Reilly book because it had good reviews. I was disappointed
> though. It was difficult to read because it was so verbose. It would
> sometimes take more than a page to explain something where all the
> information I needed could have been conveyed in one sentence. If
> anyone's seen Leendert Ammeraal's "C For Programmers", that's more the
> sort of style I'm after. Something that covers 2.3 and preferably even
> 2.4 would be a bonus.
> I've heard good things about "Dive Into Python". I see it can be
> downloaded or read online, and on a very quick browse it seems to be
> suitably to the point and cover some useful stuff that was missing from
> or too deeply buried in Learning Python. I find it easier to read
> printed material though, so I'd consider buying it. What sort of
> opinions do people here have of it?

If you would give a chance to a task-oriented intermediate to advanced book, check the second
edition of the python cookbook. It has over 200 practical recipes, covers 2.3 and 2.4 and has taken
excellent reviews.


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