How to copy a file from one machine to another machine

Nico Grubert nicogrubert at
Wed Sep 21 13:48:31 CEST 2005

> This isn't really a Python question, as this problem would exist 
> irrespective of the language you are using.
> One possibility would be to run Samba ( on the Linux 
> machine so it offered a share to the Windows machine. Then you could 
> just write to a UNC path (\\server\path\to\file) from Windows and have 
> the file appear on the Linux machine.
> Another way would be to use CIFS client on Linux to access the share 
> from the Windows machine.
> There are many other file sharing solutions, and you can of course also 
> consider using FTP to send the file to the Linux server.

Hello Steve,

Samba is already installed and configured on the Linux machine. Can I 
just use file=open(<path_to_my_windows_share>,'w') in Python to mount 
the windows share and create the file?
By the way, your book "Python Web Programming" is one of the best python 
books I have read! Really good work!


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