Productivity and economics at software development

Peter Hansen peter at
Sat Sep 24 00:38:29 CEST 2005

Adriano Monteiro wrote:
>     I'm making a little research project about programming languages e
> their respective IDEs. The goal is to trace each language silhouettes,
> where it fits better, their goods/bads and the costs of developing in
> this language.

You say this as though each language has and needs an IDE!

We do all our development using a simple text editor (often Scite) and a 
console window (or three), plus assorted other tools developed or 
discovered, as required.  It's not "integrated" like an IDE, but we find 
it a much more effective approach, especially as we are doing 
test-driven development.  An IDE just gets in our way.

If you focus on IDEs, your research will have pre-selected only certain 
kinds of programmers and teams, and will not necessarily include the 
best ones.  (Looking at the VB world, one might even say something more 
extreme than that.)


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