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Mon Sep 26 00:43:59 CEST 2005

On 2005-09-25, D H <no at spam> wrote:

>>>I would recommend emailing the author of a library when you
>>>have a question about that library.  You should know that
>>>yourself as well.
>> Why??
> Please tell me I don't have to explain to you why the author
> of a 3rd party library might be able to answer a question
> specific to that library.

Of course not.  And when that author reads this group, why not
post questions here so that everybody can benefit from the

>> For the things I "support", I much prefer answering questions
>> in a public forum.  
> Right, which is exactly why we have sourceforge, tigris,
> google groups,

Exactly how do you think c.l.p on google groups differs from
c.l.p on the rest of Usenet?

> and numerous other free resources where you can set up a
> mailing list to publicly ask and answer questions about your
> software. Of course it may not get you as many paypal hits as
> spamming larger forums with your support questions will,

WTF are you on about?  What the hell is a "Paypal hit"?  How is
posting a single, on-topic, question to c.l.p "spamming"?

> but it is the decent thing to do.

You sir, are a loon.


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