SpamBayes wins PCW Editors Choice Award for anti-spam software.

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Thu Sep 1 03:53:55 CEST 2005

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Tony Meyer <t-meyer at> wrote:
>> While it may not adequately credit the implementation 
>> language,
> Was this "it" the PCW article or SpamBayes?  If the latter, please let
> spambayes-dev at know how you think Python should be more
> appropriately credited; we are certainly trying to do this.
> (Python is mentioned all over the website, the "Python Powered" logo is
> integrated into what passes for a SpamBayes logo, and all donations to the
> project go to the PSF).
With a little more context:

> While it may not adequately credit the implementation language, a Google 
> search for "sourceforge spambayes" results in the first hit being linked 
> as """SpamBayes: Bayesian anti-spam classifier written in Python.""".

I was actually referring to the SpamBayes home page at

which doesn't contain the word "Python" anywhere in its body text -
though as I did point out, the title of the page *does*. Sorry about the
lack of clarity.

I don't have any problem at all with the site, and I know that SpamBayes
does actually reflect kudos on the Python language in many people's minds.

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