help for conversion of NUMARRAY to PIL object

Robert Kern rkern at
Thu Sep 15 17:06:15 CEST 2005

A. L. wrote:
> hi, everybody here,
>     I am a newbie to python. I encounter a problem that how to convert
> an array of numarray to pil object. For example, the data in an image
> is extracted using Image.getdata, then the data are converted into  an
> array in numarray. But when the array is needed to convert to the pil
> object, I lose my mind. Could somebody here provide some solutions to
> this problem?  (In other words, all I need is the interface between
> reading/writing image data and NUMARRAY.)

In [11]: from numarray import *

In [12]: import Image

In [13]: a = zeros((256,256, 4), UInt8)

In [14]: img = Image.frombuffer('RGBA', (256,256), a)

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