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John Bokma john at castleamber.com
Fri Sep 2 22:56:59 CEST 2005

axel at white-eagle.invalid.uk wrote:

> Of course what the original poster did not consider is why
> the standard line length was laid down... the VT100 terminals
> (and related ones) had a line length which was 80 characters
> (ok, with some options to switch to 132 characters if I
> remember correctly)... and that is the first machine through
> which I access Usenet. And the version of vi which I used
> at the time was not very good with dealing with long lines.
> But it worked.

Technically there is word wrap, but for a lot of messages using a non-
proportional font, non-wrapped makes a lot of sense (more even), for 
example program listings and ascii art :-D

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