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Trent Mick trentm at
Wed Sep 14 19:54:56 CEST 2005

[skip at wrote]
>     >> It does, in the "in-development" version of the documentation. Sorry it
>     >> was not in the 2.4 releases :-(
>     Thomas> Maybe it can be backported to 2.4.2 - is there still time for that?
> Changed now in CVS.  When 2.4.2 is released it should be there.

Is this the same kind of thing as the (generally ill-regarded) change in
Python 2.2.x (for some x != 0) that added:
    True, False = 0, 1
I may have the details wrong.

Now there is a feature in 2.4.x that wasn't in 2.4.(x-1), which could
cause surprises. I.e. I write code that uses the new thing, test it with
my 2.4.2 install, think that is works with 2.4.* and say so when I
distribute it. 

Maybe that is okay.  Just asking here because I don't keep up with
Python changes -- or sentiment on how to handle this kind of thing --
well enough.


Trent Mick
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