Problem with long strings in the Boost.Python getting_started2 sample ?

Sylvain MARIE noemailplease at
Thu Sep 29 16:19:19 CEST 2005

Hi all,

I am discovering Boost.Python, and weird exceptions in my dummy extension 
modules lead me to think there is a potential problem with the 
getting_started2 sample :
if you replace the first lines

>>> hi = hello('California')
>>> hi.greet()
'Hello from California'

>>> hi = hello('A longer name with more than 15 chars')
>>> hi.greet()
'Hello from A longer name with more than 15 chars'

then the unit test asserts !?!? I get a c++ exception :-(

Please tell me we can use strings longer than 15 chars with Boost.Python :-)
(I'm using Boost 1.33.0 with VC7.1, and the bjam makefiles)

thank you very much in advance!

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