Django Vs Rails

Jacob Smullyan smulloni at
Thu Sep 15 21:05:41 CEST 2005

On 2005-09-15, Jorge Godoy <godoy at> wrote:
> I just wonder when it becomes bad having to declare everything.  For example,
> we have databases with 600 tables.  
> Having the introspection is great in this case (even though it is boring
> having to declare all those classes and tell them to fetch their structure
> from the database it is better than having to "recreate" all of them).

Granted.  Also, if the tables share structure, another option would be
to simplify their description with inheritance.

> With regards to failures, this is one of the reasons for unit tests :-)  They
> can help finding out where is the problem and they should never fail
> silently. 

You are right.  I am consoled.  


Jacob Smullyan

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