Two questions on PyDev for Eclipse

Fabio Zadrozny fabioz at
Tue Sep 20 17:56:17 CEST 2005


for 2: as far as I know, eclipse must have 'local', or at least 
'emulated' local access, so, if you have samba access, it should do what 
you want.

for 1... I use it a LOT without any problems for some really big 
projects ( with about 2.000 python modules -- not counting the python 
installation) -- but as I also develop it, so, I may be kind of 
impartial ;-)



Kenneth McDonald wrote:

>The first is general; what are users' experience with PyDev for  
>Eclipse. It looks pretty good to me right now, but I've only started  
>playing with it. Converting to Eclipse is a major effort, and if  
>there are problems which would prevent pydev from being useful right  
>now, I'd certainly appreciate knowing about them.
>The second question is specific; is it possible to use Eclipse to  
>edit a remote file, i.e. through SFTP or something equivalent? My  
>current (limited) understanding of Eclipse is that it maintains an on- 
>disk directory of files in a project. Unfortunately, for what I'm  
>doing, a fair number of the files (mostly Python files) I'm editing  
>are on a remote server, so whatever editor I use, the ability to edit  
>remote files would be a big help.

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