PEP 350: Codetags

Bruno Widmann bwidmann at
Wed Sep 28 10:47:08 CEST 2005

On 2005-09-26, Micah Elliott <mde at> wrote:
> :Objection: I aesthetically dislike for the comment to be terminated
>     with <> in the empty field case.
> :Defense: It is necessary to have a terminator since codetags may be
>     followed by non-codetag comments.  Or codetags could be limited to
>     a single line, but that's prohibitive.  I can't think of any
>     single-character terminator that is appropriate and significantly
>     better than <>.  Maybe ``@`` could be a terminator, but then most
>     codetags will have an unnecessary @.
> ----

What about allowing a blank line between codetag and following 
comment as valid terminator of codetag?

# NOTE: see spec xyz for Transport Protocol description

# how many times to retry open of a recordset

Also if the codetag is immediatly followed by code,
all the commentlines from start of the tag to
the beginning of code could be considered part of
the codetag.

# TODO: catch possible exception here
#  (in case someone deletes file)
f = open("data")

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