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Alessandro Bottoni alessandro.bottoni at
Thu Sep 15 23:15:58 CEST 2005

Thomas Jollans wrote:

> I a looking for a python IDE for gnu/linux that :
> - has decent sytax highlighting (based on scintilla would be neat)
> - has basic name completition, at least for system-wide modules
> - has an integrated debugger
> - is open source, or at least free of charge

There are a few nice IDEs at Have a look at the
"applications" page. I just use Kedit or Gedit.

> an integrated GUI designer would of course be cool, but cannot be
> counted as a requirement.

Have a look at Glade (with PyGTK) or wxGlade (with wxPython).

> With that I come to the second question:
> What cross-platform GUI libraries are there ? cross-platform meaning
> functional and free on (at least) X11 and Win32
> PyQT obviously doesn't count because qt3 is not free on windows.
> Tk is ugly. (how well) is Tile supported with python ?
> does PyGTK/Glade work on win32 ?

Try wxPython (Based on wxWidgets). Really "free" (LGPL'ed = MIT license) on
all platforms, well-engineered, documented and supported, native look&feel
on all platform. Need anything else? ;-)

Alessandro Bottoni

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