A quick c.l.p netiquette question

Peter Hansen peter at engcorp.com
Fri Sep 30 03:51:09 CEST 2005

Fredrik Lundh wrote:
> Peter Hansen wrote:
>>Does it really have to be 158 lines to demonstrate these few issues?  I
>>for one almost never take the time to dig through 158 lines of someone
>>else's code, partly on the assumption that almost any interesting issue
>>can be covered (using Python, specifically) in about a dozen lines of

> did you click on the link he posted a little later?

What link?  I see only two posts from him in this thread, one at 5:09 
and the other at 6:14, and neither contains links.  I suppose I should 
start to distrust my ISP's news feed, because that was how it was this 
morning and how it still is now.  There are a grand total of 10 posts to 
that thread as I'm about to post this reply.

Sorry, but I can't click on links that don't exist.

> no, YVFC.

??  you've lost me there too.  Your Very Fucked Computer?  I'll agree 
that some computer around here is fucked if I can't see a post that 
everyone else can see.


(Well now... I just realized that it wasn't in the same thread after 
all, and yes, I did see the post, then noticed a reply from someone 
talking about Greenspun's law, quickly hit "k" to move on to more 
interesting topics, and never gave it a second thought.  Certainly 
didn't notice it was also Peter who had posted that one, nor realized 
the connection (probably because I'd already sent my reply and thus 
flushed the whole affair from my memory).  So, in summary, yes I did 
click on the link he posted, but that was after I'd already replied so I 
don't think it's particularly useful for us to be discussing it.  YMMV 
again. :-)  )

(And I do see the YVFC part now... what was really bizarre was trying to 
do a search on the web for what that acronym means.  Try it... strange 
stuff.  I was thinking there was some weird conspiracy to make people 
think there was this acronym that was well known but had no online 

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