How to make python24.dll smaller ?

Stormbringer andreif at
Wed Sep 14 12:24:12 CEST 2005

Ok, for anyone interested on the issue: I have found the solution. I
commented out some module lines inside config.c (modules I know for
certain I will not use) and removed the module .c files from the

Biggest save was when I removed the Asian character encodings, reduced
size by about 650 KB.

I also changed the build options to link against multithreaded libs,
not multithreaded dll libs (which makes python24.dll dependent on
msvcr71.dll which in turn is not present on some people's computers and
would have to be distributed in that case).

Final result: a 1.1 MB python24.dll which works with my frozen apps and
is not dependent on msvcr71.dll and compressed goes to around 440 KB.
And I'm sure that depending on the project I still could trim some more
modules out.


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