Software bugs aren't inevitable

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On Fri, 16 Sep 2005 20:05:04 -0400, Mike Meyer <mwm at> wrote:
>zen19725 at (phil hunt) writes:
>> Compilers/interpreters/runtimes are black boxes: we don't (or
>> shouldn't) care how they do their work as long as they run correctly 
>> and aren't too heavy on system resources like CPU time and memory.
>Maybe in academia. Not in the real world. Or maybe you just phrased
>that last clause poorly.

I think perhaps I did.

> In the real world, programs have performance

Yes i know, that's why I said "aren't too heavy on system resources 
like CPU time and memory".

> Some of them are seriously inflexible - in which case we
>call what we're doing "real-time" or "embedded" or words to that

If a program is too slow to respond isn't that about "system time"?

>Others are softer, but in the end they matter *very much*. I
>would have phrased that last clause to make reasonableness a
>requirement, rather than making "not unreasonable" the requirement.
>Because of that, you have to care about how your implementation
>works. If you don't know how strings work in Python, you tend to write
>O(n^2) algorithms instead of O(n) ones for fundamental

What does "CPU time" mean again?

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