Redirecting standard out in a single namespace

Fuzzyman fuzzyman at
Sat Jan 21 03:10:08 EST 2006

Ido Yehieli wrote:
> I'm sorry, but i don't see how this will solve the problem? It is
> exactly the same, only now you've replaced everything in sys except
> just sys.stdout?

In the solution above (which I haven't had a chance to test) you're
just chaning hte reference to sys to point to a different module, so
you're not messing with sys itself. This won't affect other code that
uses the sys module.

Because of the builtin status of the sys module I'm not *convinced* it
will work. I'll try it though.

> At any rate, perhapse the code you will write will be more maintainable
> if instead of redirecting sys.stdout for some of the code just use a
> different function (instead of print) for the times where you wish it
> to be redirected somewhere else? it will probably make your code
> longer, but the maintainer will have one less "gotcha" to worry about a
> few months/years down the road. perhapse it is best to not do the
> "clever" thing this time ;-) ?

We're executing code from another module that uses the print statement
a lot. That module isn't our code - other wise we wouldn't have a
problem. :-)

Changing the module will mean a great deal more to maintain, not less.

All the best,


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