Using CGI to interface with an XML-RPC server

Rob Cowie cowie.rob at
Tue Jan 17 15:29:18 EST 2006

Hi all,

Assume I have a working XML-RPC server that runs persistently and
correctly accepts remote calls, executes the relevant code and outputs
the XML-RPC result. This is fine when using an XML-RPC client.

However, I wish to provide a web user interface. I gather it is
possible to use PHP as an XML-RPC client but I am unable to do so
because of artificially imposed server constraints. All I am able to
use is good the old CGI.

Is it possible to create python CGI scripts that accept form data in
the usual way, package them as an XML-RPC request, call the server,
receive the response then format this response into valid HTML to be
emitted to the client? Is this desirable (what I mean is... is there an
easier way?).

Is there a better way to use a web browser as what is essentially an
XML-RPC client?

FYI, I know that is seems like using XML-RPC in this case is
pointless.. it isn't, some users do indeed use the server as intended.


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