list comprehention

Mathijs q.q at q
Wed Jan 25 03:16:17 EST 2006

23 jan 2006 ta (Steven D'Aprano) shuo le:

>> This is the type of solution I was hoping to see: one-liners, with no
>> use of local variables.
> Because you like unreadable, incomprehensible, unmaintainable code?

For practical use: no! But I'm just learning python and to understand 
sets/lists/dicts and it's functions, this seemed like good practise:) and 
besides that: it's fun! A solution with local vaiables, if-statemenst and a 
for loop wouldn't be much different from what I know with my current 
programming skills.

> *wink*

Yeah, yeah, I know, but I felt a response was on its place. :)

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