Groupkit and python

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Sat Jan 7 21:08:02 EST 2006

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jose.r.pacheco at <jose.r.pacheco at> wrote:
>I've built an app using this great software called groupkit
>( based on tcl/tk language, now I'd like to
>test python possibilities for groupware.  Anyone knows about this, I
>have made a google search; crossing groupkit and python, but I haven´t
>found any project except this one called twisted-python.  Do you
>believe twisted-python could be a substitute for groupkit?.
As I *think* it hasn't appeared in comp.lang.python, I reproduce here
remarks by the Groupkit author in (no longer) private e-mail:

  Twisted offers more of a low-level equivalent to the
  event-driven IO that comes standard in Tcl, plus many
  higher level network protocols on top of that.  It
  doesn't offer a focus on groupware application level
  constructs like session management, awareness, etc.,
  nor am I aware of anything in Python that tries to
  tackle this niche.  If someone were wanting to move
  GroupKit-like features to Python, twisted would be the
  best framework to build upon, but as is, it's missing
  things you'd probably like from GroupKit. 

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