PyCon Vs. Europython

Magnus Lycka lycka at
Thu Jan 19 09:25:22 EST 2006

Simon Burton wrote:
> My employer has given me the choice to go to either Pycon or Europython
> this year,
> and I need some help deciding which would be more useful (for me, my
> company, and python itself).
> I am mainly interested in scientific/engineering applications of
> python;

As far as I understand, the content of this years
EuroPython is far from decided. I haven't seen any
call for papers yet. You are obviously taking a risk
if you opt for EPC even if you like the PyCon program.

On the other hand, EPC 2006 will take place at CERN,
which might be interesting for someone with an
interest in science, so I suspect that it will attract
more scientists than previous conferences.

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