Win32 Binary-only for 2.3.x?

Thomas Heller theller at
Mon Jan 9 19:01:28 CET 2006

Trent Mick <trentm at> writes:

> [Fuzzyman wrote]
>> Out of interest, doesn't the Python binary use the registry (and
>> environment variables) for building sys.path ?
> Yes, good point...
>> Won't you still have conflicting path issues if you use an alternative
>> binary with an existing 'normal' install ?
> ...but it is possible to effectively disable the use of the registry by
> a given pythonXY.dll -- if you know how to edit the String Table of the
> DLL. Basically there is a string entry in that table that is used as
> part of the registry path for registry usage.
> Here is how I do it:
> - open MS Visual C++ 6 (I'm sure you can do all this with VS.NET, I
>   just haven't done it.)
> - Ctrl+O for the open file dialog
>     - Files of type: Executable files (.exe;.dll;.ocx)
>     - Open as:       Resources
>     - browse to and open pythonXY.dll
> - In the string table there is an entry with Value=1000 and Caption=X.Y
>   (i.e. "2.3" for python23.dll, "2.4" for python24.dll, etc.). That
>   "X.Y" string is what determines that part of the registry lookup path
>   for:
>     HKLM/Software/Python/PythonCore/X.Y/PythonPath
> - You could change the "Caption" value to "FuzzyWuzzyWuzzaBear" to
>   effectively disable usage of the registry for sys.path building by
>   that pythonXY.dll.

py2exe also does something like this in the copy of pythonXY.dll that it
creates, to avoid the resulting exe pulling in sys.path entries from the


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