2D canvas for GTK

David E. Konerding DSD staff dek at bosshog.lbl.gov
Tue Jan 10 19:54:54 CET 2006

In article <slrnds4pgu.gs6.sandro at bluff.diade.it>, Sandro Dentella wrote:
> Il 2006-01-09, John Bauman <john at baumanfamily.com> ha scritto:
>> "Sandro Dentella" <sandro at e-den.it> wrote in message 
>> news:slrnds33dl.r3n.sandro at bluff.diade.it...
>>>I need a (decent) canvas for PyGTK. I used tkinter.canvas with real 
>>> in the past but now I need to use the canvas in a Gtk application. Does
>>> anybody know of one with similar capabilities? It must work on Windows 
>>> too.
>>> It must be able to produce postscript output.
>> I think that PyCairo might be what you're looking for, at least if you're 
>> using gtk 2.8.
> No, that's definitely a lower level tool. I need someting that has
> rectangles, lines, possibility to move object around, easy bindings, tags
> for objects, grouping. All that is already in tkinter.canvas but I need to
> use it from a GTK application.
> Any other ideas?

If you can afford the include GNOME as a dependency, then gnome-canvas or diacanvas2
is your best bet.


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