Running DOS App on win32 via python over ssh

Peter Hansen peter at
Tue Jan 17 19:12:22 EST 2006

James Stroud wrote:
> The program in question, in case anyone doesn't understand this problem, 
> is lem:

Well, LEM.EXE calls RTM.EXE and RTM.exe contains signs of not being a 
pure DOS program.  It contains references to USER.EXE and KERNEL.EXE 
(probably some old Windows 95 thing? ... LEM dates from 1997), and the 
following string:
You have attempted to run Windows in enhanced mode while
running in a shell under a protected mode program.  This
is not a compatible configuration.  Run Windows in standard
mode instead (win /S).

Possibly what you are trying to do is not going to be feasible...


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