Microsoft IronPython?

Ray ray_usenet at
Wed Jan 4 20:26:10 EST 2006

Luis M. González wrote:
> I'm not en expert on the subject, but I guess that any language
> implementation running on .Net should be able to at least "understand"
> generics or any other feature available on this framework, because
> languages are supposed to interact and use all kinds of classes and
> assemblies regardless of the language they were written in.
> As for using generics, I think this is not very important in python, I
> guess, because it is dyamic and you don't declare types.
> So writing x =List[str](), for example, doesn't buy you anything.
> You're better off using a regular list: x = [].

Yes, in this List example I agree with you. I think it is better to use
the regular one.

But, say, since C# has generic now, somebody may write a generic class,
so you have to have a way to use it (unless it's like Java when you can
still do raw types--correct me if I'm wrong).

But then again, once you start using .NET class you're tied to .NET
anyway so this is not a big problem, I think--although the more
perfectionist among us might like to isolate parts of Python code that
are .NET/IP specific to make porting easier if it ever comes to that...

> Someone more knowledgeable please kindly correct me...
> Luis

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