How to handle two-level option processing with optparse

Steven Bethard steven.bethard at
Thu Jan 26 22:41:52 CET 2006

R. Bernstein wrote:
> Magnus Lycka informs:
>> [in response to my comment]:
>>> I see how I missed this. Neither disable_.. or enable_.. have document
>>> strings. And neither seem to described in the optparser section (6.21)
>>> of the Python Library (
> Hmmm. A couple things are a little odd about this. First "Other
> methods" seems to be a grab-bag category. A place to put something
> when you don't know where-else to put it. The section called:
> "Querying and manipulating your option parser" seems closer. Better I 
> think if the title were changed slightly to 
>   Querying, manipulating, and changing the default behavior of your
>   option parse
> Second, oddly I can't find this section "Other Methods" in the current
> Python SVN source Doc/lib/liboptparse.tex. Best as I can tell, that
> file does seem to be the section documenting optparse.

Sounds like you should submit a documentation bug:
Plain text is fine -- just explain what needs to be changed.



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